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Paula Fonseca

Paula Fonseca



Coordenadora de Mobilidade ERASMUS Dep. Gestão

Professora Adjunta

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ERASMUS Mobility Coordinator Management Dept.

Associate Professor

ORCID | Ciência ID
+351 232 450 500 | Ext: 1092 | Gab. / Office #41

Campus Politécnico

3504-510 Viseu


Topic 1: Unraveling the Flavors of Portugal's Gastronomic Heritage


    To provide Romanian students' some understanding of Portuguese culture and history through an exploration of traditional dishes, ingredients, and cooking techniques, fostering an appreciation for the culinary heritage of the country.
    To foster intercultural awareness and appreciation by comparing and contrasting the culinary traditions, ingredients, and cultural significance of typical Portuguese and Romanian dishes, enabling students to recognize the similarities and differences between these two diverse cultures and develop a more inclusive understanding of both countries.

Topic 2: From Vineyard to Glass: A Journey into Portugal's Wine Regions and Wine Tourism


    To provide Romanian students with some knowledge about the wine regions of Portugal, including their unique characteristics, grape varieties, and winemaking processes, enabling them to develop a some understanding of the country's wine industry.

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