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Oya Tunaboylu

Oya Tunaboylu, Prof. Dr.




Prof. Dr. Oya Tunaboylu graduated from Atatürk University and started academic studies as a research assistant at the same university. She completed her first MA thesis in the British Drama. After receiving a scholarship from the World Bank and the Council of Higher Education , professor Tunaboylu went to the United States of America  to further pursue graduate studies. Professor Tunaboylu earned a second MA and PhD degrees in TESOL (  Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages) from The Ohio State University. Tunaboylu also minored in the curriculum evaluation & development at the same university. Upon return home country, Türkiye, Dr. Tunaboylu has worked as faculty in the English Language Teaching ( ELT) departments housed in schools of education at several state universities. Tunaboylu developed a type of role play technique  named as “chain-actor”  role plays.  Dr. Tunaboylu directed  the School of Foreign Languages at home university,  Süleyman Demirel University for six years. During professor Tunanoylu’s managerial post,  the school was granted “The European Language Label Award”  twice for two innovative language teaching projects.

Professor Tunaboylu has published and presented at local and international professional gatherings.

Her research interests include teacher preparation and professional development, multidisciplinary approaches to language teaching & learning, autonomous learning, teacher empowerment, developing creative and motivating teaching practices.


Professor Tunaboylu currently works in the ELT department at Süleyman Demirel University as department chair.

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