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Steven Alan Samson, Ph.D.
Liberty University



A native of Oregon, Steven Alan Samson grew up in Colorado with books and classical music in the home, Boy Scout meetings, bicycle rides into the mountains, and rock climbing.  He has subsequently acquired a taste for photography, movies, sea air, coastal fog, tidal pools, and strolls along shell-strewn beaches.


Since 1977 Dr. Samson, who is currently professor of government in the Helms School of Government at Liberty University, has taught political science, history, humanities, and geography at a dozen colleges in half a dozen American states.  His research and teaching specialties include political theory, political geography, international relations, and American constitutional history.  He is a member of the Philadelphia Society and was a Salvatori Fellow at the Heritage Foundation in 1994.  He and his wife Sally own a grass seed farm near Lebanon, Oregon and live in an antique farmhouse outside Madison Heights, Virginia.  They raised four children in such exotic places as Indiana, Michigan, Florida, and Texas before settling in Virginia.  They are also blessed with seven grandchildren, one of whom is due to arrive in March.


Steven Alan Samson indulges his life-long passion for geography and history through long sightseeing trips and visits to far-flung friends and relatives, historical sites, and well-stocked research libraries.  Most of his articles and study guides are available on-line at


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